About Chirp

Chirp was created by brothers Adam & Zac Stager, whom from a young age thrived off of having both similar and opposing interest. Adam is a proven professional in engineering and technical design, while Zac specializes is business applications and creative design. Although our professional interests are opposites, we both have a strong connection with nature, the environment and the sense that life should be exciting, fun and most of all, an adventure. 


After several months of brainstorming we set out to create an intuitive yet playful whistle, one that would embody our combined interests into a product that many could love and relate to. The result is a product that has an everyday function, naturalistic look and innovative, environmentally friendly 3D printed construction. Whether you are on an all day hike or just want to have some fun, The Chirping Bird Whistle is the perfect companion.

The Flock

Chirp began with the original (later named Alto) in opaque and translucent materials which were posted in an Etsy shop. Here a charismatic and highly motivated Carolyn O'Brien discovered the Chirping Bird Whistle. It was her enthusiasm that inspired the flock of size options available today. In developing a piece "Cześć Hyła" devoted to her friend and mentor Lee Hyla she aptly named each bird soprano, alto, tenor and bass, names which have been since adopted and can now be found on this website. Much of the details of this collaboration and audio from the compositions Carolyn continues to produce have been documented on her blog www.carolynobrienmusic.com.

Cześć Hyła - Composed by Carolyn O'Brien
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